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Why Do Dogs Like Dog Treats?

From the long-bodied and short-legged dachshund to the furry and lion-like chow chow, dogs come in all shapes and sizes. This, of course, is something that makes them so special. However, a common trait you'll find in all dogs is a love for treats. In fact, “treat” is one of the most recognized words in the domestic canine kingdom. So, why do dogs like dog treats so much? Let's take a look.
The Taste
Not surprisingly, one reason why dogs love treats is because they taste amazing. Treats are specifically designed with savory ingredients like beef, chicken, fish or lamb. Some treats such as jerky are even made of pure protein. And when you pull a treat out of the container, your dog will immediately smell it. With that said, however, taste is just one of many reasons why dogs love treats.
It's Fun
The delicious flavor isn't the only reason why dogs love treats. Dogs also love treats because they are fun to eat. Jerky, pig ears and chews, for instance, offer long-term enjoyment. Some dogs will chew on these treats for hours, all while keeping them happy and occupied. This “fun” factor isn't something that's found in traditional dog food.
Nutritional Value
Just because it's called a treat doesn't mean it's devoid of nutritional value. On the contrary, high-quality treats are made with premium ingredients and no preservatives or byproducts. When a dog eats one of these high-quality treats, it supplements his body with beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, he may instinctively crave more treats to further fulfill his nutritional needs.
It's Limited
Unlike food, treats usually aren't left in the open for dogs to eat their at choosing. And because treats are limited and not always available, dogs typically find them more attractive than regular food. If you only give your dog two treats a day, for instance, he'll view those treats as being special, which means he'll probably crave them more than his regular food.
Your Dog May Want to 'Work' For Treats
While most dog owners hand out treats without asking for anything in return, your canine companion may actually want to work for his treat. According to a recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Agricultural Sciences, dogs prefer to earn their treats by working for them. So, if you really want your dog to enjoy his treat, ask him to perform a command for it. Let the training begin!

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