Where to Buy USA-Made Dog Treats

Where to Buy USA-Made Dog Treats

Many dog owners make the mistake of choosing treats based strictly on price. They'll purchase the cheapest box of raw hides or chews at their local pet store, believing that they are just as good, and just as safe, as the more expensive brands. Even if your dog appears unbiased, cheap dog treats containing unknown ingredients could be placing your pet's health in serious jeopardy. As a result, we only recommend buying pet treats that are made in the USA.

The Problem

The problem with cheap treats is that they are often manufactured overseas. And unfortunately, they typically contain a plethora of harmful ingredients. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the sale of pet foods, treats and other animal feed products. The requirements for pet feed, however, has a lower threshold than that of human food, meaning low-quality and potentially dangerous pet food and treats often find their way onto the shelves.
Not long ago, the FDA issued a warning to pet treat manufacturers about the potential dangers of using ingredients containing jatropha seeds. Oils, proteins and glycerin made of jatropha seeds are potentially toxic to both humans and animals. Ingestion isn't necessarily fatal, though it can still cause symptoms of toxicity, including nausea, vomiting, lethargy, agitation, etc.
But you won't find jatropha seeds naturally in the United States. These seeds come from the jatropha plant, which is a hearty shrub that's grows in semi-tropical climates like China. As a result, many dog treats produced in China contain the seeds.


The Solution

A simple solution to protect your dog from this problem is to buy USA-made treats. These treats are produced right here in the United States, so you rest assured knowing that the standards for production are higher than those of other countries.
So, where can you buy USA-made dog treats? Many big-name pet stores have expanded their inventory of USA-made treats, foods and other products. Alternatively, though, you can choose from a wide variety of premium USA-made dog treats at Dog Treat House. Some of the company's top-selling products include jerky treats, pig ears, pork hides and snout chews, all of which are made in the United States. Dog Treat House even offers wholesale purchasing for bulk orders.
The bottom line is that every caring dog owner should buy USA-made treats. While they may cost more than treats produced and imported from overseas, the peace of mind knowing that it's safe for your dog is well worth the money. Regardless of where you purchase your dog treats from, always check the packaging to see where it's made.

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