Where Can I Buy Pet Treats Wholesale?

Where Can I Buy Pet Treats Wholesale?
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Statistics show that 68% of U.S. households own at least one pet, according to the National Pet Owners Survey. Whether you're a dog person or cat person, there's no denying the companionship offered by these furry companions. In fact, research shows that pet owners live happier, longer lives than their counterparts.
Whether you're looking to start a business selling pet supplies or simply provide your pets with the best quality of life, you might be wondering if it's possible to buy pet treats wholesale. And if so, where to buy them.
What is Wholesale?
The term “wholesale” refers to the process of buying and selling large quantities of products with the intention of reselling those products. Instead of buying a single box of dog treats at your local pet store, for instance, you might buy 50 boxes at wholesale from a local distributor or manufacturer.
The primary benefit of buying pet treats wholesale is the cost savings it offers. While the total cost of a wholesale purchase is usually more than the total cost of a small retail purchase, the actual per-unit price is substantially lower. For instance, buying a box of pet treats from your local pet store may cost $6. But that same box may only cost $3 if you purchase a wholesale quantity. Therefore, wholesale pet treats offer a rewarding and lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurial pet owners.
Finding Pet Treats Wholesale
You won't find pet treats available to buy wholesale at local pet supplies stores. Big-name “chain” stores typically only sell pet treats at retail price. So, you can buy a large quantity of them, but you'll end up paying a substantial amount – and that defeats the entire purchase of buying pet treats wholesale.
So, where can you find pet treats wholesale? Dog Treat House is an industry-leading provider of wholesale treats. With a massive catalog of more than 50 different treats and chews, there's something for every canine. All wholesale treats offered by Dog Treat House are made using the highest quality ingredients, which cannot be said for many other suppliers of wholesale treats.
Buying pet treats wholesale opens up the doors to a whole new world of opportunities. You can give some of them to your pets, start a business selling them at a higher price with our private labeling options, or give them to your friends and family. However, you'll need to choose the right company from whom to buy them.

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