What's the Best Way to Store Dog Treats?

What's the Best Way to Store Dog Treats?
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Whether your dog prefers jerky, chews, rawhides or any other treat, proper storage is essential to protecting against food-borne illness and extending its shelf life. Unfortunately, many owners simply leave their dog treats in an unsealed container, believing it's harmless. Even if your dog doesn't experience any ill effect from consuming poorly stored treats, it's best to err on the side of caution by following these storage tips. Today we’ll take a look at what’s the best way to store dog treats.
Check the Label
First, you should check the product label of your treats. If it's passed the “best by” date, you should dispose of the treats and replace with new, fresher treats. The product label should also reveal whether the treats require refrigeration. If you see this on the label, keep the treats refrigerated at all times.
Keep It Sealed
Perhaps the most important tip to follow when storing dog treats is to keep them in an air-tight container. When exposed to air, dog treats – like most goods – begin to spoil. Bacteria will make its way into the treats, causing it to spoil. By storing your dog treats in an air-tight container, you'll protect against spoilage while keeping the treats super fresh in the process.
With that said, some treats are less susceptible to spoilage than others. Jerky, for instance, contains little-to-no moisture. Therefore, it's naturally protected against spoilage. Regardless, though, you should store all dog treats in an air-tight container.
Clean the Container
Some dog treats are sold in resealable packages. After opening the treats, you can simply seal them back to prevent the intrusion of air. Others, however, are not sold in resealable packages, in which case you'll need to transfer them over to a different container.
When storing treats in a separate container, take a few minutes to thoroughly clean the container with warm water and soap. The FDA actually recommends cleaning dog food and treat containers every time you refill them – something that most owners neglect to do.
Store in a Dark, Cool Environment
Finally, store your dog treats in a dark, cool environment. You don't have to necessarily place them in front of the air conditioner. Rather, room temperature will suffice. A cupboard or pantry is an excellent place to store dog treats, assuming you keep them in an air-tight container.

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