What are the Best Chew Treats for Dogs?

What are the Best Chew Treats for Dogs?
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Chew treats live up to their namesake by featuring a chewy texture. Rather than simply devouring it in just a few seconds – or before the treat hits the floor – dogs can enjoy them for hours. Aside from increased satisfaction, however, there are other reasons to choose chew treats. For instance, chew treats work to remove plaque and tartar while promoting good oral health. Additionally, they often contain valuable nutrients that your dog needs.

Of course, not all chew treats are created equal. As an owner, it's important to choose the right chew treat for your canine companion. So, what are the best chew treats for dogs?
Pig Ears
Pig ears are always a popular choice among dogs. Made of 100% all-natural dehydrated pig ears, they are safe and non-toxic. They don't contain any preservatives, fillers, hormones or byproducts. Pig ears offer pure protein with a pork flavor that all dogs love. For these reasons and others, you should consider giving your dog pig ears as a chew treat.
Pork Hides
Another great all-around chew treat for dogs is pork hide. Pork hide chews, as the name suggests, are made of pig skin. The skin is dehydrated to increase shelf life and prevent spoilage, after which it's packaged and sold as chew treats. Like pig ears, pork hides offer a delicious flavor that dogs can't ignore. Furthermore, they contain about 80% protein by volume.
Bully Sticks
A third chew treat that's perfect for dogs is bully sticks. With their chewy texture, dogs can enjoy them for countless hours. Bully sticks are available in multiple sizes, including 12-inch strips, 6-inch strips and even bites. Regardless, they make excellent chew treats for dogs.
These are just a few of the best chew treats for dogs. Keep in mind that some dogs prefer different treats than others. Therefore, you should experiment with multiple chew treats to see which one your canine companion enjoys best.

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