Is Beef Jerky Bad for Dogs?

Is Beef Jerky Bad for Dogs?

This is a common question asked by dog owners. With its rich, “meaty” aroma, most dogs are eager to get their paws on beef jerky. However, there are a few things you should know before handing Fido a strip.

As you may already know, beef jerky consists of long, thin strips of lean beef that's dehydrated to prevent spoilage. Normally, beef – like most meats – tends to spoil quickly at room temperature. And once it has spoiled, it's no longer safe for consumption. Because it's dehydrated, however, beef jerky has a substantially longer shelf life, protecting against spoilage. There are different types of beef jerky, ranging in flavor, cut and seasoning, but they are all made by dehydrating strips of meat.

Don't Give Your Dog Regular Beef Jerky

First and foremost, you shouldn't give your dog regular beef jerky that's intended for human consumption. Even if you've done it in the past with no ill effect, it's still a bad choice of food for a dog. The problem with regular beef jerky – the type that's made for humans to eat – is that it often contains a variety of spices and seasoning, some of which your dog may not digest properly.

One common ingredient found in regular beef jerky for human consumption is onion powder. While onions are completely harmless to us, they can cause anemia (destruction of white blood cells) in our canine companions. And due to its concentrated form, onion powder is particularly dangerous. Therefore, it's best to err on the side of caution by not feeding your dog regular beef jerky that's intended for human consumption. 

YES, Beef Jerky is Safe... If It's Made for Dogs

Not all beef jerky is bad for dogs, however. Some companies such as Dog Treat Housein Bluffton, SC. produce beef jerky that's specifically made for dogs. Typically sold in the form of treats, it consists of lean, high-quality beef. There's no onion powder or other potentially harmful ingredients, just lean protein that your dog is sure to love.

Beef jerky treats are perhaps one of the best types of dog treats. The next time you visit your local pet supplies store, take a moment to look at their dog treats. If you read the ingredients on the label, you'll probably notice dozens of hard-to-pronounce words. Beef jerky treats, on the other hand, contain little more than high-quality beef, making them an excellent choice for your canine companion.

The bottom line is that beef jerky treats are perfectly safe for dogs. In fact, they are actually good for dogs because they contain lean protein and fiber without the additives found in many other treats.

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