Dog Jerky vs People Jerky - There’s a Big Difference

Dog Jerky vs People Jerky - There’s a Big Difference

Jerky is one of the most popular types of dog treats. Consisting of lean, dehydrated meat, it offers a mouthwatering aroma and flavor that all dogs love. With that said, however, you should avoid giving your dog regular jerky that's made for human consumption. It may look similar to dog treat jerky, but there's a big difference between dog jerky vs beef jerky.
Overview of Jerky and How It's Made
Whether it's dog treat jerky or “people” jerky, all jerky is made by cutting meat into strips and dehydrating those strips. Common meats used for jerky include beef, turkey and chicken. Once the meat has been cut into strips, it's placed in an oven or dehydrator to remove moisture. This is arguably one of the most important steps in the production of jerky, as removing the moisture significantly increases its shelf life by protecting the meat from rancidity.
People Jerky
Jerky that's made for human consumption, however, typically contains other ingredients than just meat. For instance, it's not uncommon for a single serving of beef jerky to contain 600 mg or more of sodium. While that's only 25% of our daily recommended intake, that's far more sodium than a dog needs. In fact, the Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources (BANR) says dogs weighing 33 pounds should consume no more than 100 mg of sodium a day.
You'll also notice that people jerky is often made with onions or onion powder as a flavoring additive. This is fine for us, but not so much for dogs. As explained on the American Kennel Club (AKC) website, onions contain a toxic compound known as N-propyl disulfide that causes the destruction of red blood cells in dogs; therefore, owners should avoid feeding their dogs any food containing onion.
Sodium and onions are only ingredients commonly found in people jerky that could harm your dog. If you read the list of ingredients on a typical jerky product, you'll probably see more than a dozen ingredients, many of which are hard to pronounce.

Dog Jerky
Jerky that's made for dogs is formulated specifically for our canine companions. It doesn't contain high concentrations of sodium, nor does it contain potentially toxic ingredients like onion. It only contains pure, high-quality protein.
Furthermore, dog jerky is typically made using the finest cuts of meat. Instead of using general beef, for instance, it may use only sirloin beef. This means you can rest assured knowing that your dog is getting the very best jerky, all without the potentially harmful ingredients found in people jerky.

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