Are All-Natural Pet Treats Safe for My Dog?

Are All-Natural Pet Treats Safe for My Dog?

All-natural pet treats are often touted as a safer and healthier alternative to conventional store-bought treats. As the name suggests, they are typically produced with natural ingredients as opposed to processed and chemical-based ingredients. Because of this, however, many companies charge more for all-natural dog treats. So, are they really worth the extra price or should you stick with generic store-bought treats for your canine companion?
What is All-Natural?
Neither the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nor the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulates products marketed as “all-natural.” Therefore, it's up to consumers to perform their due diligence regarding the products they buy. With that said, however, all-natural dog treats should contain ingredients in their natural state with no added chemicals, artificial flavors, hormones, antibiotics, etc.
YES, They are Safe!
All-natural dog treats are completely safe for dogs to consume. In fact, they are healthier than traditional store-bought treats because they don't contain heavily processed ingredients and chemicals. By sticking with natural ingredients, companies can produce exceptional-quality dog treats that are safe for all canines.
It's no secret that many dogs suffer from food allergies. When a dog consumes a kibble or treat containing an ingredient to which he is allergic, the dog may break out in hives, itch and scratch himself profusely. All-natural dog treats, however, minimize the risk of such reactions. Normally, food allergies are triggered by an artificial ingredient. Since there are no artificial ingredients in all-natural treats, owners don't have to worry about them causing an allergic reaction.
Ingredients to Avoid
When shopping for dog treats, pay attention to the ingredient label. If it contains one or more of the following ingredients, you should probably avoid it and choose a different product.

• Carrageenan

• Ethoxyquin

• Propylene glycol

• Artificial dyes

• Butylated-hydroxyanisole (BHA)

• Xylitol

• Sorbitol

These are just a few common but potentially harmful ingredients found in dog treats. True all-natural dog treats should not contain any of these ingredients.
Follow the 10% Rule
Even if you choose all-natural treats, however, you should still limit the amount you give your dog. A good rule of thumb, as recommended by many veterinarians, is to limit your dog's consumption of treats to no more than 10% of his daily caloric intake. This ensures your dog is consuming the right amount of protein and vegetables to promote good health and wellness.

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